Tips on how to do Emo Hairstyles

Emo hairstyle for girls
Emo Hairstyles
Cool emo guys hairstyle
Emo Hairstyles
Emo haircuts is that hot these days, guys and girls do love emo. They allow you to have fun, be creative and unique. An Emo hairstyle treats your hair like a canvas; you have artistic freedom to express who you are, to show off your personal style almost like an art form.
Emo girls haircuts
Emo Hairstyles
How To Style Emo Hairstyles
It is easy to form your Emo hairstyle into spikes or a funky shag.
Here are the simple steps:
  • Start with wet hair
  • Use your fingers work a amount of gel through your hair
  • Form your hair into spikes or shape your shag the way you want it
  • Blow-dry your hair
  • If making spikes, add more gel as needed
  • Do not brush your hair out
  • Spray hair well with hairspray for hold.(tips from
Cute hairstyle for emo girls
Emo Hairstyles
Cool emo boys hairstyle
Emo Hairstyles
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