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Emo Hair
Well that is an important point: you can recognise any emo by the hair.
The emo hair style, is really a complicated thing. Takes hours to get done, but once u done it (a day), youll be a perfect emo for the rest of the day :).
  • First of all, if your natural hair color is not black, or dark, you must paint it. If you have dark hair, then you can skip that part, and write poems in that 1hour that you won for every week.
  • After that, if you want emo hair, you must get a straightener, and streighten your hair to one side. If your hair is straight, you might do it with using some hair fixing cosmetics. To get an emo hair, you must made your shorter tufts at the bac of your hade to point to the sky. :)
  • After you got it, to make sense for all day, you'd better to use hair spray to fix it for all day. In the beginning it could take up to an hour a morning to get all this done, but after a couple months you'll be a super emo, and be able to do your emo hair in 10 minutes. You can find thousands of emo hair pictures for samples on the net, keep looking girls and boys and kids!
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