Sad Emo quotes Part II

sad emo boy
sad emo boy

Hate can be a positive emotion when it forces you to better yourself.

Just live and breathe && try not to die again.

I will not forget what you've done for me.
Shed not a tear; I'll be with you endlessly.

How I wish I could say what you w a n t to hear;

An empty promise fills my veins with lies.

Maybe if my heart stops beating, it won't hurt this much.

I still cant shake that feeling of wanting n o t h i n g but you.

I'm always assuming the worst, but you're going on nonetheless
&& there's nothing to cushion your heart led fall.

There's beauty in a breakdown; don't catch her when she falls.
Let her c r u m b l e to the ground.

I hurt myself just so I can feel alive.

We may die from medication, but at least we killed all the pain.

Diamonds in her eyes and a knife through her back.

Maybe you can make a splint for your broken ego.

Be still my tongue, for I know not what to say;
My life is lived in darkness, and here I will remain.

Your lies consume me; with every breath I'm burning.
Oh, how I believed the t r u t h was in your eyes.

It used to be the reason I breathed, but now its choking me up.

I've got nothing that I hide except for what's inside;
I keep it all locked up, in this prison we call love. I'm suffocating.

Gorgeous eyes shine s u i c i d e.
I wish my lawn mower was emo so it would cut itself.

All I know are apologies; do you feel the shame?
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