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How To Style Emo Hair

Step 1: Colour

When you're styling emo hair, you need to decide what the main colour is going to be, and then choose colours for the panels and streaks that will complement it. For a real emo look, use a brighter colour on the inner layers of hair, so that it's revealed through the outer layers which hang over the top.

Step 2: Cutting

One of the main characteristics of emo hair is that it is cut in layers of varying different lengths. The hair is often cut with a technique called point-cutting, cutting the ends of the hair at an angle rather than straight. Having an asymmetrical fringe swept over one side of the face is also typical of the emo look. When cutting layers into the hair, cut shorter layers on top to reveal the different coloured layers beneath.

Step 3: Styling

Emo hair is almost always straight, so blow-dry the hair to take out any waviness or curls. Pull the hair quite taut with a brush as you blow-dry it, as this will help straighten it. Next, use hair strengtheners to straighten the hair even more, and make it look more compact and defined. Emo hairstyles often have lots of volume at the top and get thinner towards the ends of the hair. To give the hair more volume on top, back comb and blow-dry it near the roots. Use hairspray to fix the hair this way. Doing this with the head hanging downwards will increase the effect even more.


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Emo Girls Hairstyles

Punk Emo Hairstyles for Girls

The girls with emo hairstyle looks great. Girls with emo hairstyle and proper makeup blend will give the best attention of others. For the emo hairstyle using hair glue to the bangs in the front to make them straight and firm which make the great emo hairstyle. Punk hairstyles are generally sported by the members of insubordinate counter culture groups.

Large curly, frizzy, dyed hair parted on the side among extreme big bangs is the most common female 80s hairstyle. You need caring for your hair once you have gone in for punk hairstyles. Go in for suitable products that can add volume or even hold your hair in a particular way for long time.