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Here are some Emo cartoons for you.
cute Emo cartoon

Emo cartoon

Emo cartoon

new short emo hairstyle 2009

Emo Girl Lexsie's styled emo Hairstyles.
short blonde emo hairstyle
short blonde emo hairstyleemm, very cool.ahh
short emo hairstylecool emo girl
short emo girls hairstylenew short emo hairstyle 2009
blonde emo girl hairstyle

emo love

emo love emo love If you're looking for an emo love, it's likely you'll be able to find him or her by the way they dress. Of course this is somewhat a generalization, but many dress in a similar manner to distinguish themselves from other punks out there.
emo love
emo love

Emo is generally thought of to be a combination of what you'd normally think of as punk and gothic fashions. People tend to wear tight jeans and small, tight, often vintage T-shirts or shirts of punk banks.

emo love pictures

emo love

Black hair and bangs are also popular. Chuck Taylors are almost a required part of the uniform, as are black, studded belts and black-rimmed glasses.source: link

emo love emo love
emo love
emo love
emo love
more emo fashion style for you

Punky Clothes, Goth Emo Trendy Rave more than Fashion

Pnky Clothes, Goth Emo Trendy Rave more than Fashion
punky clothes, goth emo trendy raveIn the last post I talked a lot about the fashion trend that is the punky clothes, goth emo trendy rave fashion and how it had moved further and further into the mainstream. However, these clothes have a deeper intrinsic meaning behind them as well. They are not simply clothes to be worn and a fashion to be had, but a statement.

Really, that is what the punk, goth, emo movement is all about: making a statement. The statement is a movement away from the norm, from what is generally accepted, and being different from what the world expects you to be.

emo punk

Cool Emo Punk
Cool Emo Punk
cool emo punk hairstyle for guys
emo punk hairstyle
emo punk girl
emo punk girl
emo punk hairstyle for gals
emo punk hairstyle for gals
cool emo punk
cool emo punk

emo punk
Emo Punk

So Emo is showing up everywhere. The latest Emo punk to show his true shallow personality is Danny Noriega. I believe Emo people are just attention seeking selfish shallow people and Danny Noriega is perfect proof of that.

If you are not familiar with whom Danny Noriega is I will tell you. He is a contestant on this year's American Idol. He has an okay voice, not that good, and a really bad attitude. After viewing his selfish, self-righteous video on YouTube I was glad to see him go tonight. Then I am sitting watching his “exit video” on the show and his crappy attitude showed through. At least the viewers of American Idol got it right and got this Emo punk off the show.

hot emo guys

hot emo guys
hot emo guys
emo boys pictues
hot emo guys
hot emo boys
hot emo guyshot emo guys
hot emo guys

emo chicks -hot sexy emo chicks!!!

cute emo chick

sexy emo chick!
yes!hot emo chicks
emo chicks!!!

Emo Makeup - How to Completing the Emo Look

Emo Makeup
Emo is usually associated with emotional rock music. To be emo, you have to understand what it really means. And maybe you already read all the how to's to became totally emo. You tested yourself and you found out that you enjoy sensitive, in some sense whiny music that is thoroughly emo. So you have an emo music taste, check. You have emo opinions, check. You perfected the emo hairstyle and emo wardrobe, check and check. Why not top it off with a totally emo face. While it may ostracize you from your non-emo friends, just think that you are doing this not because you just want to pose as an emo but because this is what you are. Here are some simple steps in doing emo makeup.

Emo style make up for boys and girls

You will need:
• Moisturizer
• Foundation
• Eye shadow
• Eye liner (liquid or pencil)
• Mascara
• Chap stick or light lipstick tones
• Loose powder (shade one tone lighter than your actual skin tone)
Emo Makeup
Here are the instructions on how to apply:

1. Note that you need to have this look for the entire day. For the make up to stick, apply moisturizer on your face and neck. Make sure you apply it thoroughly as we do not want to have a patchy looking face. Use moisturizers that have sun block in them so as to further boost the pale face.

2. Emo make up highly rests on the fact that you look pale. However, using foundation a tone lighter that your actual color will look unutterably silly especially in pictures so your best bet is to use same color foundation on your face but we will slightly lighten it with loose powder later. Apply the foundation on your face and blend it to your neck down. If your top slightly shows some part of the chest area, better use foundation to cover that area as well.
3. Some say that it is best to place the eye liner before the shadow but that somehow looks messy so it is advisable to dab on some shadow first. If you are a guy, you can skip this step entirely or stick to black or grey. If you are a girl, you can use other colors, from black, grey, pink, red, purple, green, whatever you fancy. Do not overdo it. Best to dab the eye shadow until the inner lid only.
4. Remove excess shadow on the base of the lids by brushing it with a blush on applicator or a Q-tip. If you are a beginner, use a soft black eye liner to line the upper lid and the lower, making sure you dab it from the inner part to the outer. Also, stick close to the lash line when doing this. If you are a bit more experienced in putting make upon, you can use the liquid liner.

5. Apply the loose powder to sort of seal the makeup together. Sort of like the glue for everything.

6. Apply two coats of black mascara, making sure not to clump the lashes together.

7. Finish off with an application of pale lipstick or if you are a guy, you can do with just lip balm.
Voila! You now have the dark, angst filled emo makeup. Make sure you bring some of these cosmetics in your bag as you may have to do touch ups at the middle of the day. Just a rule of thumb, never, ever over do it.

Simone is a cosmetic makeup devotee and has written many cosmetic related articles to help women look stunningly beautiful the natural way.
Emo Makeup
emoBy Simon Mann

Emo pics

Emo pics
Emo pics
Emo picsEmo picsEmo pics

Emo poem

Here is a great emo poem I just find on the internet, and share with you.
You diss
I slit my wrist
When you cause me pain
I slit the left vain
You break my heart
That’s where it starts
When you pretend
To care
Well how do you dare
It’s just not fair
So I remain
So damn silent
See my stain
It was very violent
I’m just a shadow
A part of the past
A part that could never last
My trickling blood
Is dripping fast
I hear a thud
I just lie and stare
I cry
And wonder why
Why should I be the one to go
Oh, because I’m emo

By Taylor Cortez


This is what EMO stands for.
Is for emotional.
Is for myself.
Is for overrated, just like everything else.

Emotional is myself
Overrate is those who stare.
Killing myself, those people surely can not compare.

Emo is what they call me.
Emo is what they see.
Emo is what I've come to know as me and only me.


Emo Hair For emo girls

Emo Hair
Well that is an important point: you can recognise any emo by the hair.
The emo hair style, is really a complicated thing. Takes hours to get done, but once u done it (a day), youll be a perfect emo for the rest of the day :).
  • First of all, if your natural hair color is not black, or dark, you must paint it. If you have dark hair, then you can skip that part, and write poems in that 1hour that you won for every week.
  • After that, if you want emo hair, you must get a straightener, and streighten your hair to one side. If your hair is straight, you might do it with using some hair fixing cosmetics. To get an emo hair, you must made your shorter tufts at the bac of your hade to point to the sky. :)
  • After you got it, to make sense for all day, you'd better to use hair spray to fix it for all day. In the beginning it could take up to an hour a morning to get all this done, but after a couple months you'll be a super emo, and be able to do your emo hair in 10 minutes. You can find thousands of emo hair pictures for samples on the net, keep looking girls and boys and kids!
Emo hair for girls
emo chick
girl with long emo hair - hot , sexy emo girl
emo hair

Hot Emo girls - So hot,So sexy emo chicks

A emo chick usually has darker hair, cut pretty short or to their shoulders. Sometimes their hair will be spiky or be a light color.
Here are some pictures of hot emo girls.
they are hot ,sexy.

sexy emo chicks
sexy emo girl
sexy emo girls

sexy emo chick
hot emo girls
hot emo girl
hot young emo girl
sexy hot emo girl