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Face shape is one of the most important points in your hair style. If your haircut doesn’t fit your face shape - you risk looking dull if not awful.

In Sedu hairstyles face shape matters, too. Because of the face shape, Jennifer Aniston wears only layered long hair and Jennifer Lopez sports her famous tight bun.

So, if you want to have really great sedu hairstyle you should first define your face shape. Here are several ways to do this:

1. Ask another person to define your face shape. This method is rather tricky because it is hard to guess the face shape by eye. Only a very skilled stylist can do this.

2. Try your hair in a pony tail and outline your face with a lipstick on a mirror. This method is not very reliable though, because mirrors can distort your real face shape.

3. Finally, you can try measuring your face by several parameters. It’s the most reliable method to define your face shape. With facts and figures you can be totally sure what your face shape is.

To apply the measurement method for determining your face shape, follow these steps:

1. Measure your face across the top of your cheekbones;

2. Measure your face across the jaw line from the widest point to the widest point;

3. Measure across your forehead at the widest point. Generally it’s between your eyebrows and hairline.

4. Measure from the tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.

5. Remember to write down all measurements on the separate piece of paper so that you wouldn’t mix them with the other calculations.

Now it is time to define the type of your face shape:

• Oval face normally has length equal to one and a half times of the width;

• Round face is as wide as it’s long;

• Oblong face is simply longer than it is wide;

• Heart face is narrow at the jaw line and wide at the cheekbones and/or forehead;

• Square face is about as wide as it is long and has obvious rectangular form;

• Triangular face has wide jaw and narrow cheekbones with not very high forehead;

• Diamond face is widest at the cheekbones, has narrow forehead and jaw line of approximately equal width.

Of course, it is impossible to determine the face shape precisely. We usually have faces with mixed types of shape. For example, Lindsay Lohan has face shape, which is oval with some features of the square.

But once you are absolutely sure about the lengths and width of your forehead, cheekbones and chin, the stylist will be able to define what face shape you have, and after this to decide what haircut will fit you best.

Here are the face shapes of famous celebrities:

• Oval: Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Hillary Duff, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson, Pamela Anderson;

• Square: Jessica Simpson;

• Heart: Jennifer Lopez;

• Oval to triangular: Halle Berry, Carmen Electra.

To define what will suit your face shape is easy. All you need is to follow these simple rules:

1. If your face is oval or diamond avoid covering your face with too much hair or you risk hiding your best features;

2. Central parts are not good for oblong, round, square, heart, and triangular faces. You should sport any other kind of parting;

3. Round, square, and heart shaped faces won’t go with short haircuts that add fullness to the upper part of the face;

4. Triangular faces look best with short haircuts as this draw attention to the eyes and hide prominent jaw;

5. Oblong faces will look best with short to medium layered cuts;

6. Round and square shape faces look best with soft waves and height at the crown that would elongate the face.

But of course the best way to choose a perfect haircut is to have a picture of your favorite celebrity hair style. You only need to make sure that the model has the same face shape that you do.

Thus, sedu hairstyles are the easy trick if you know how to get the haircut that will suit you perfectly, and face shape can add to your image once you define exactly what will best express your natural beauty. Use these simple tips to find what fits best for your sedu hairstyle.







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Sedu hairstyles are very popular and the sedu hair iron can help you to achieve them. Suitable for all types of hair, the sedu hair straightener can help you to have celebrity hair every day of the year.

When it comes to hair and hair styles we all have an image of what we would like our hair to look like. Sedu hairstyles are fast becoming the most popular hairstyles in the fashion world today. Mostly due to the publicity the sedu hairstyles have received from celebrities the sedu hair iron is set to revolutionize the hair styling industry.

You hairstyle whether it's short, medium, or long can help to enhance your facial features and represent your mood. With the sedu hair straightener you can achieve your desired look no matter what length your hair is. The sedu hair iron can be purchased with a variety of ironing plates designed to suit all hair types, from fine limp hair, to thick course hair the sedu hair iron can tackle all. What's more the ceramic plates on the sedu hair straightener are designed not to pull or break your hair and with their negative ionic feature they help to seal in your hairs natural moisture, leaving your hair not only looking but feeling softer and smoother too.

In today's society more and more people are searching for ways to handle their stubborn curls, frizz, and uncontrollable hair, and with the launch of the sedu hair straightener it seems that many have found their dream appliance. The sedu hair iron straightens, smoothes, and tames uncontrollable rebellious hair and provides not only great sedu hairstyles but long lasting results as well.

Sedu hairstyles can be used daily whether it's for the office or nights out there are different sedu hairstyles that can be worn for all occasions. For the Jennifer Anistion sedu hairstyles or the Jennifer Lopez sedu hairstyles all you need is your own sedu hair iron. Using your sedu hair straightener you can create flip ins and flip outs that will add an extra touch of style, and because the sedu hair straightener takes less time that most conventional ceramic straighteners you can have sedu hairstyles that won't take forever to do.

In order to achieve perfect sedu hairstyles every time it is important to note that a conditioning shampoo must be used before hand. You must also dry your hair well and add a good conditioning styling tonic to assist in straightening. If you do this, then you are sure to have unique and celebrity sedu hairstyles every day. Remember the sedu hair straightener is designed to be easy and pleasant to use so no matter what your hair type there are sedu hairstyles just for you.









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Hair brush is one of the most essential tools every person, man or woman, should have. Hair brush helps dealing with tangles and bed hair look; to some extend it even solves the problem of hair styling.

But the greatest thing that can be done with a hair brush is keeping our hair naturally moisturized as you transfer natural skin oil from the roots to the tips of the hair when brushing.

To help your hair grow healthy and shiny, you should brush your hair every day with careful gentle strokes that decrease the friction and smooth the hair scales. Harsh and rough brushing will only increase the damage to your hair. Moreover, such brushing increases the amount of pulled out hairs in two times.

The use of proper hair brush is essential for sedu hairstyles as it helps to avoid unnecessary damage, eliminates static electricity, and adds shine and smoothness to the hair. There are several hair brushes that should be at hand when creating and maintaining your sedu hairstyles:

1. Wide-toothed comb for detangling hair after and before washing. Every time you are preparing to wash your hair you should make a detangling first. This will help you lessen the risk of mechanical damage during washing and make the after-washing detangling easier, thus eliminating more mechanical damage. Such combs should be of antistatic material, so read labels carefully and make sure you won’t harm your hair with poor quality product.

2. Fine-toothed tailed comb for styling. You should use this comb when making heat straightening using a flat iron. Just follow the flat iron with fine-toothed comb to make sure that there are no tangles and frizz left in your hair after straightening. The tail of the comb will be handy in creating prom hair styles and dividing hair in separate tresses for straightening;

3. Massaging wooden hair brush that will help you to massage scalp after you detangled the hair and are preparing to sleep. Usage of this brush at least twice a week will help you increase the blood circulation in the scalp and improve the state of the hair cuticle after a couple of months of usage;

4. Boar bristle round brush for styling. This hair brush is a must for short to medium hair styles. It helps to obtain neat and sleek hairstyle. Boar bristles eliminate frizz and add shine to your hair;

5. Ceramic styling hair brush is good for medium to long hair styles because it helps to manage long hair and eliminate static electricity. You will be even able to create soft waves that will frame your face and make it look gorgeous.

The above mentioned hair combs and brushes should be of high quality so that your hair won’t suffer from the harmful materials and faulty workmanship. It is also recommended to wash combs with warm water at least once in two months in order to eliminate product built up.

To make correct brushing, follow these simple rules:

1. Before washing the hair, use a wide-toothed comb. If you have a long hair, start from the tips and move gently to the top of the hair. Do not pull the hair or comb too energetically, or you will lose healthy and mature hairs that hold firmly in your scalp. If your hair style is short just move brush through the hair from roots to the tips to eliminate frizz and arrange your hair before washing;

2. After washing DO NOT brush the hair while it is still wet. The hair should be at least dump when you start to detangle it, or you are sure to lose more healthy hairs. Do not be afraid to see hairs on the brush as long as you don’t feel any pain from their pulling off. It is a natural process of hair growth when up to 100 hairs are falling out every day to spare the place for new and young hair.

3. If you are using blow dryer quite often, you should use round brushes of 100 per cent boar bristle for styling of the short hair, and ceramic round brushes for styling of the long hair. Such brushes will make it easier for you to style the hair, add shine to your hair, and help you to arrange the hair into any style from spikes to soft sedu waves.

4. If you are using a flat iron, you should start straightening from the bottom of the hair. Separate the bottom layer of the hair from the top layers, and pin up the top layers using tail of the fine-toothed comb. Straighten the bottom layer of the hair, and proceed with the upper layers until you are finished. Every time you apply flat iron to the separate tresses follow the flat iron with the comb to make sure that there are no tangles left.

5. Before going to bed, apply massaging brush. Detangle the hair first, and then gently brush the hair, especially the root area to improve blood circulation and allow your head to relax after the long day of styled hair. You will see positive results of such technique just after a couple of months. Your hair will look healthier and shinier, your scalp will receive more nourishment through improved blood circulation, and if you have problems with hair falling out, they will be diminished.

So, hair brushing is the separate science, and knowledge of its rules will help you decrease the amount of money you spend on hair care products. Moreover, the state of your hair health will improve dramatically and your hairstyle will receive the status of the Sedu hairstyle because of the natural shine and smoothness of your hair.







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Types of Hair Relaxers

There are two types of hair relaxers - alkaline and lye retainers, and no-lye relaxers. The first relaxer was produced commercially by Proline in 1971. However, soon people realized that the lye present in the relaxer, damages the hair causing it to lose its luster and shine. This resulted in the manufacture of no-lye hair relaxers, which were also first started by Proline. All hair relaxers for black hair, contain strong alkaline chemicals, which break the sulfide chemicals between the proteins present in the hair. These bonds are what help the hair retain its natural shape,i.e. whether its curly or straight. Once those bonds break, the relaxers can change the shape of your hair.

The latest natural relaxers for black hair contain no-lye or harsh chemicals. This causes least damage to the hair. However, almost all major hair relaxers today contain alkaline chemicals. Therefore, it is very important to neutralize your hair after relaxing.

Relaxers for African American hair are available in three varieties - mild, regular and super. It is imperative to understand your hair type before selecting your product. A mild relaxer works best on hair which is thin or if you have hair that is extremely fine in its texture. If you have thick hair strands, then choose a super relaxer. While lye based relaxers are widely known as the best relaxers for black hair, it is also said that they can damage the hair, especially, if not handled in the right proportion. Thus, it is better to let a professional handle it. Read more on black hair care tips.

Tips to Choose a Hair Relaxer

Hair can be relaxed at the salon or at home with the help of the kits that are available at various pharmacies and stores. Hair relaxers require periodic touch-ups just like hair dyes. As the hair grows, the treated part moves away from the scalp and the new hair has to be treated. It is very important not to treat hair that has already been treated as this may cause breakage and thinning of hair.

Before relaxing your hair it is necessary to do a strand test. A strand test is when you relax only a portion of your hair to see if your hair can handle relaxing. If the hair has a lot of color in them, or has been treated a number of times before, it will break off or fall out. In order to maintain the body, bounce and strength of your hair while making your hair straight, it is imperative not to relax your hair more than 80% or it may lose its elasticity.

If you wish to relax your hair at home, it is extremely important to rinse off the relaxer thoroughly. To be on the safe side, wash your hair 3 to 4 times after relaxing. If you leave even minute amounts of the relaxer in the hair, it will result in, what's called residual chemical action which causes the hair to over-process and eventually break. Do not relax your hair when you first remove braid hairstyles or extensions. You must avoid overlapping of the chemical on previously relaxed hair.

Whether done at home or professionally, chemical hair relaxing can alter the structure of your hair transforming it from curly to a straighter form. Remember, while selecting relaxers for black hair, consult a professional to check for suitability of the relaxer. Avoid using harsh chemicals that will strip your hair off its shine. After all, natural black hair is always beautiful!










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