Sucker 4 cute girls with emo hair cuts?

I've been doing quite a bit of in-depth research into emo hair cuts - and I've gotta tell you that that the best emo hair cuts out there are found on the girls.

Yep, there can be no doubt about it. Just look at any emo website and you'll find hundreds pictures of cute emo girls in their bedrooms and bathrooms - one arm outstretched - in the obligatory "check out my emo hair cut" self-portrait.

OK, sure. There's pictures of guys as well, but think about this - who wants to see what a guy does in his bedroom or bathroom? Creepy, right? I don't care how good his self-photographed emo haircut is, I don't want to be thinking about what he does in his bedroom when he's not spending time on his hair!

Girls on the other hand, are a totally different matter. While you're admiring her emo hair cut you're getting a glimpse into something else as well. You can just imagine all those lonely young emo boys taking it all in, wishing that they could get a date with a girl like that...

If only they went here, they just might...

Yep, no doubt about it - Emo hair cuts are an artform in themselves. Tasteful yet provocative. Especially on cute emo girls like my top four for today :)

If you're looking for pictures of cute emo or goth girls, you will find plenty more suicide girls...

(Oh, but you'll probably want to be over 18 though!)

emo hair cut 4
she kicks us off at #4
emo hair cut 3
This great understated look
comes in at #3
emo hair cut 2
Hmmm, now we're
getting good at #2...
emo hair cut 1
And this great hair comes in
at Numero uno!

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