Emo Fashion Tips

Emo Fashion Tips

Hoodies: hoodies are part of the emo fashion, but just not any regular hoodie. Hoodies with fun prints like skulls or cute prints and designs on the hoodie. The great thing about wearing a hoodie emo style, that they make hoodies for all seasons.

Extra Shirt: no not to carry around if you have a spill, but an extra plain white- t shirt or something with a solid print or designs to wear under your regular t-shirt, so you can create a layered look. Usually the emo layered look, consists of the under shirt being long sleeved while the top shirt is short sleeved.

Scarves: scarves are definitely a fashion statement for the emo look, to be worn any way they would like to. Scarves are usually long and knitted with solid colors, prints or stripes are always a nice touch.

Shoes: the shoes are quite simple in emo fashion, most emo trenders wear conversers or vans along with their hoodies and jeans or any other flat shoe without a sole would do the trick to complete the emo look.

Emo Hairstyles: Emo hairstyles are now again in fashion today.

Emo Make up - boys and girls can both wear make up with the emo look, but boys should limit their make up choice colors to primarily black. Thick black eyeliner and rugged black nail polish for boys will be essential of being classified as an emo. As for girls wearing make up the same colors as their outfits will go a long way.