Emo Style

Emo Fashion: Clothing and Hair
Emo clothing can never be complete without hoodies. Hooded tops are a characteristic feature of Emo clothing. These often come with printed designs or loud graphics. Tight jeans are also a part of Emo clothing. Girls as well guys also sport these with short sleeved tight T-shirts. The layered look is also a part of Emo clothing. Short sleeved colorful tees can be worn over long sleeved Tees. These Tees are either in solid colors or zany prints. Girls also wear scarves with their outfits. For Emo clothing, scarves are used to create a fashionable statement and these are often in knits in solid colors or stripes.

Girls also wear heavy slacks. Gas station jackets are often thrown over colorful tees. Many girls who wish to follow Emo fashion also prefer baggy pants and short tees worn with hemp jewelry. Studded belts are often worn with jeans and these belts come with large buckles. Footwear includes canvas sneakers or shoes in black. Skate shoes are also a part of Emo fashion.

V-neck sweaters are also a part of Emo clothing. These are worn short so that the shirt worn underneath peeps out from below. Emo girls and boys also wear characteristic horn-rimmed glasses. Often, such young girls and boys carry backpacks that are slung across their shoulder. This is also like a trademark of Emo fashion.

People who associate themselves with Emo fashion also sport some typical hairdos that are easily distinguishable as Emo. Emo hairstyles are quite funky in their overall appeal. Spiky hair with some bold dashes of color with loads of highlight and lowlights are some of the current modern styles of Emo fashion. Short dyed black hair with straight side swept bangs is also one of the style statements..

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