Pete Wentz Hairstyles-Emo Fashion

Pete Wentz hairstyles
Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz
Pete Wentz
Ashlee Simpson's long sleek looks so beautiful(more Ashlee long hairstyle pictures).Pete Wentz
with this short black hair also look cool.At this time,Pete Wentz's hair is not long enough, the pictures bellow Pete Wentz are a bit longger.As others say, his emo hair is cool.

Peter Lewis Kingston "Pete" Wentz III is an American musician and songwriter, most famous for his work with the Chicago-based band Fall Out Boy. In recent years, he has also become an entrepreneur and the host of the MTV program, FNMTV.
Celebrity Pete Wentz black emo hair style

Pete Wentz cool emo haircuts - emm, this fall out boy hair is fabulous!
 fall out boy hair style
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