Emo Hair Cuts

Great emo hair cuts are often the result of experimentation, and it can be difficult to work out how to best create the bold, stand out designs which are the hallmark of the emo look. It doesn't help that there's a total lack of style guides; look around, there really is no one single definitive "emo hair cut".

To make matters worse, having anything resembling an emo hair cut can make the wearer the target of ridicule and harrassment. There are websites dedicated entirely to the passtime. You certainly don't want to start out with a bad haircut and make #1 on something like that!

So in an attempt to save you some hassles, here's a few tips that spring to mind:

  • (Almost) Anything Goes.

    While it's true that there are some things that will make your haircut "emo" or "not emo", outside of a few loose rules, you're free to try whatever you like. The best bet here is to experiment. Take out some scissors perhaps a razor, and some hair dye and see what happens. If you're in touch with your creativity and emotions, you'll almost guarantee a great look.

  • Good dyes can make or break your haircut.

    (Mostly). Again, this isn't strictly true. If you botch your dye job it's not necessarily cause for alarm. Some of the most interesting emo hair cuts consist of some - shall we say - less than perfect efforts. It really depends whether you're working with a disheveled appearance or not. If the rest of your look is smart and tidy, then you'll want to get the dye job right. There's some great dyes on the market to help you here. Don't just grab any old thing!

  • Roll your own...

    A great work of art almost creates itself as an extension of the artist - an emo hair cut is an extension of the person wearing it. Individuality is key. You can't copy the haircut you saw on the train this morning if you expect to truly stand apart from the crowd.

  • ...but don't do your own!

    By all means take an active part in the development of your hair cut. Don't try to do it alone, have a friend help. With the possible exception of shaving or using clippers, it is very difficult to do anything sensible to the back of your head. Never mind that everything is reversed when you're using a mirror, unless you're very talented and spatially aware it's a recipe for disaster.