Emo Hair Cuts

Emo hair cuts - madness or method?

I love emo. Really. I love anything that makes me stop and think about the world around me, and you'd better believe that an emo hair cut is one of those things. You'd never know it, but despite the fact that I'm not a teenager any more, I can actually identify with the whole emo culture. I get it. That's not to say I necessarily embrace it, but I get it.

I get the emo kids, I get the emo hair cuts. I get that emo isn't all about sitting in the dark, crying to MCR and slashing at your wrists. I get that from the perspective of the teenager sitting opposite me on the train with spiked black hair and lip piercings, my opinions of his look are both something he could care less about, while at the same time he's earnestly hoping his look has the desired effect on his fellow passengers. I love the dichotomy.

Emo hair cuts, it has to be said, are the hallmark of the emo look and there's nothing like someone with brightly colored hair, interesting piercings and perhaps even the odd tattoo to make people stop and look twice.

Emo - the new black?

I've been in a lot of schools lately, and emo is taking on a life of its own. Unfortunately there's a whole bunch of kids out there with no idea about basic hair care, or how to create a the look they're after. I know from bitter, embarrassing experience just how humiliating it can be trying achieve a look that demonstrates your attachment to a youth subculture and fail miserably. In my day the look was all about tight jeans and ... well let's just leave it at that and move on.

Emo hair cuts - love them or hate them, you have to admire their ability to polarise opinion. Especially among kids. People have been beaten up because of their haircut. Is that insane, or what?

So if you're going for the emo look, at least you should do it with some style. For mine, emo is about self-expression. If you're trying hard to be emo, forget it. Self expression isn't about fitting in by doing what everyone else is doing.

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