Emo Haircuts: The good, the bad and the Ugly

Emo haircuts - there's just no substitute for them. Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to agree that when you think about emo hair you'll have one of two reactions.

You'll love them...

good emo haircuts

good emo haircuts


You'll hate them.

bad emo haircuts

And that's what's so awesome about emo haircuts - no matter which side of the fence someone falls on, they're bound to cause a stir one way or the other. Whether you're trying to impress or trying to piss someone off, a great (or even an awful) emo haircut is a sure fire way to have some sort of impact.

And let's face it, when you're feeling mad as hell at the world, who wants to be a conformist? No way. So color your hair. Go crazy chopping bits out and spiking it up with wax, gel and glue.

Get any of the endless styles of emo haircuts, and one thing's for sure. Apart from being noticed, you can be sure that people are anything but indifferent about it.

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