People hate your emo haircut?

I've said it before, I never cease to be amazed at the level of hatred or ridicule that can be directed at someone simply because they look emo, or have an emo haircut that's a little unusual. Isn't it sad when your personal style, taste in music or even the people you hang out with can cause you to be the target of so much direct anger?

If you "hate" emo, you've only got to look around youtube for a moment to find stuff like this:

You can be pretty sure that when someone goes to the time and effort to put together a video about how much they hate emo hairstyles, what they're really saying is this:

"Hey, I don't have any way to express myself that I'm comfortable with, and it's a hell of a lot easier to hate someone who does than step outside my own comfort zone and be myself"

It's an awful lot easier to tear something down than to face our own insecurities. Celebrate your personal style. You are not your haircut.

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