Sad Emo quotes

Sad Emo quotes
I'm wishing you were here; my weakness is my fear.
Alone I am myself; no reason left for me to care.

Though memories last forever, they come to a certain point
where the m e a n i n g of the memory dies.

I didnt get what I wanted, so I took what wanted me.

Yeah I'm the first to fall & the last to know, where'd you go?

I'm only this far && only tomorrow leads my way.

Love yourself first, don't give into the temptation.

Smiles are no more than empty love!

The choice was mine; I didn't think enough.

It's a bitter sweet life, i have loved and lost my heart along the way.

Shut your mouth and pretend you enjoy it!

I couldn't fake it; we wouldn't make it.
I couldn't give enough to keep you.

You can't break away what you cannot change.

There's an emptiness inside her
&& she'll do anything to fill it in

&& now I have come to realize that you are the one who's left behind.

If this is what he wants, and it's what she wants,
then why is there so much pain?

Young and stupid, left wide open.
Hearts are wasted, lives are broken.

It's harder still when you're around.

Sometimes it makes me want to laugh.
Sometimes I want to take my toaster in the bath.

& You cant find anything at all if there was nothing there all along.

Scream it in your head, cause you won't to his face!

We will overcome every night to the sound of the kick drum
We've got it figured out every night to the sound of the break down.

Take the dreams you had && throw them all away!
sad emo
The same feeling all over again. Its nothing new.

Face the fact, don't act like you don't care.

You gotta show me you mean it - if you really mean it.
You're talking to me like you mean it, and I don't believe it.

If we try hard enough, I'm sure we could forget it.

I became what I used hate when I was with you.

I knew that you were a truth I would rather lose
than to have never lain beside at all!

Picking up the pieces of a life you've b r o k e n
Stitching it together with the seams wide open