Emo poem from tessa

tessa is a friend of mine, and she write good poems, here is one of her poems, hope you love it.
Just a Dream

I cried and cried so many nights
When i woke up I saw you here
It was 6 a.m.
We were in the freezing cold
A snowflake fell on my nose
I reached out for you, but could not feel you
Then pressed my self against you
I fell flat on my face
I looked up and saw you
When I spoke to you you did not speak back
What was happening here?
Was I all just imaginging this?
My eyes started to sting
The tears came soon after
I got up from the groung and very soon...
I woke up
How could I be so stupid?
You said you never wanted to see me again
But the only that was real in that dream were the tears that poored from my eyes.