Our Scene/emo girl: victoria

Hi, this is our friend victoria, and she want to appear on this blog, right,here are something about her.
Name: thatgirlisme
Style: Scene/emo
Orientation: straight
Location: chesapeake, virginia
Myspace: myspace.com/islandpan
Youtube: youtube.com/thatgirlismeT
Twitter: twitter.com/thatgirlismeT
on Facebook I am just Victoria Mitchell
What a cute girl!

hey i'm victoria and i think i'm the first and only scene girl you'll ever hear about who is a homeschooler =) i love living by the beach, it's awesome. i am a crazy little 13 year old who dances, acts and plays in a steel band(calypso) i love dancing it really relieves my stress, and shopping is FUN hahaha. i love just hanging with my friends and enjoying life =D so add me on myspace or facebook...or twitter hahaha <3