A story from Nouch -About Hanne

It began on a warm summer evening. It was dark she lay under the stars thinking about life that the meaning was that she would live and why she are here, ... . many friends she had not. Whether there were two who do not charge confidence and they also had problems at home only child, sometimes a fight between her parents, ... . she was so sad they closed herself in her room. She ate almost nothing. Until someone they know where she was to say sorry but they cost him not much to see he lived in Bruges a long way away from her she takes him once heard on the phone. It was midnight and meanwhile received a message from the boy with: hey I miss you. I must tell you something I hope I see you again! She sent back: hey I miss you too. why don’t call you and tell it. I want see you too. 5 min later called the boy and he told it.

Boy: Hey
Girl: Hey
Boy: knew?
Girl: good with you?
Boy: it will be good I think
Girl: Oh what’s wrong?
Boy: I’m already a few days with something that I dare not tell to a girl.
Girl: you should just tell the girl is even important to you it will not hurt if you are honestly. Boy: I will try
Girl: okay but what did you tell me?
Boy: uh ...
Girl: come on you may be even a little bad
boy: okay here it is
I’m already a few days with a feeling for you and yes I start to miss you and I can simply don’t do anything about it
Girl, I must also confess something I have a feeling for you but it will take a long time between us?
Boy: I love many of you and I will always be different but we will tomorrow meet in Bruges Girl: okay I will be there for 1 h in the station.
Girl: bye, I love you
Boy: I love you too bye
The next day at 1h. the boy saw the girl and walked towards it and gave her a hug. They went a bike when they were done, they went a bit around in Bruges bikes they wanted a quiet place to visit them. But when it happened. They stop on the light was red when the boy still stuck. there was a truck with great speed but he takes not stop. And the boy rode overthrow the girl ran to the boy and took him the boy told me not forget I love you. The boy fell into her arms down. it was too late he is dead. She began to weep she wanted the boy does not let go. She said it was her fault, she would never forgive. The boy was discharged. The girl remained behind at the scene with dogs full of blood of the boy and let himself drop. And crept into a cry. Then came an old woman and helped her right and took her to the house. The woman had made it the same. She told the story. The girl takes comfort in finding it. The female was on them not a few days remained. The girl called her parents to say that they stayed with a friend. It was okay. It was soon evening they watched the news together. The accident occurred in the parents of the girl had recognized her and called to the girl. They said that they had seen the girl traveled and went to the bedroom and she was placed on the bed and began to burst into tears. The old woman gave a cup of milk and went away the girl began to cry even more and he called for what my life without him I can not without him my life is nothing worth living for me ... I want to be with him and even began harder to weep. A few minutes later she fell asleep. The next morning at the girl and was not in her room to write letters to the boy she could not believe it is true what has been happening, she thought it was a dream but when they saw the boy that chain are and they did it would never affect him they put a photograph of the boy. In the afternoon at them even though nothing was two hours and called someone. It was the little son of the woman one year older than the girl. The boy and the woman were talking to the girl. The girl heard everything and ran crying to the oldest tree in the wide back of the female went to the tree sit. The boy and the woman had heard the boy was behind the girl. the boy went to the other side of the tree. After ten minutes the girl asked why he was here. The boy said I want to talk to you. My grandmother is a lot about you. The girl asked what she had said.

Boy: that you’ve seen a lot and that you are a beautiful girl and you can not hide your feelings for others.
Girl: I just can not help it I miss him so.

Boy, you should not change are the best way. you may miss him you like him you should not forget him a place in your heart and time. Can I sit with you?

Girl: Of course. I would not weep months. He is in my heart but do not know where and how can I keep him he is no more
Boy: you should keep him but also others

Girl: I miss his warm hugs I miss him completely.
Boy: come here. (They gave each other a hug)
Boy: I should go if something should you call.
Girl: okay here my number

A few days later.

The girl was already fairly but sometimes they are difficult moments. The boy sent a message or they do not live up to him. The girl sent somewhere we can not agree. The boy said okay to the market within five minutes I am. when she arrived she saw him and went there and asked why she had come. The boy said I wanted you to see you. Will we do something today. The girl said ok but what? The boy asked if she had no meaning to the beach to a spring walk. They had a great day together that night the boy had feelings for the girl and the girl who had no feelings for the boy. But a few days the girl had feelings for the boy and wanted to tell him so she goes on the beach. When they walk ten minutes, they had a girl kelly the boy went to Kelly and gave a kiss. The girl walked towards the dunes and sat down. She began to think back to earlier and said why is it always with me all my life draws to nothing everything is so hard why did you go now I can not live without you I will always be in your thinking. The boy went to the girl and asked what was there.

Girl: Have you still not?
Boy: you also have feelings for me?
Girl: Yes but what you referred too?
Boy: Yes I did indeed have feelings now but thought you had healing for me
Girl: but why do you love one if you have feelings for me?

Boy, that girl wanted me and you went to do something if I do not measure it would be because I do not want something done you

Girl: But ...
Boy: I love you from anyone else!
Girl: I love you too

They gave a hug the boy whispered I’ll never leave! The girl back I said you can not and gave a kiss. The next day the girl field to tell her parents that she came home for something to discuss. When she came home her parents came out and hugged her when they went inside. She said everything she had done when they had 1 more a question of them in the week in Bruges, and power than in the weekend with her parents. Her parents were in agreement, but the holidays they had at least two days longer with her parents and her loving but then had to come. The girl called the boy to the good news to tell. But then two years later something bad happened. The old woman died of old age but the boy could not understand it at the girl began to scream. The girl run away and just at the same zebra path was a red truck drove by and drove the girl overthrown. Since she was on the same site of her first boyfriend. The boy who had heard the news went to the old tree behind and write in the tree I love you I let you down. Tie a rope to the tree and committed suicide