What color is the best Emo Hairstyles Color

As you know,Emo hair styles are an expression of our own sensitive personality, a defined lifestyle, and individuality. Use our own creativity and there is no limit to what you can come up with to wear Emo hairstyles.
Most of the emo hair styles have different colors, but do you know which color is the most popular colors?
  1. As you know, the natural hair colors are not considered Emo.
  2. The two main colors of Emo haircuts are jet black (or blue black) or bleached blonde.These colors are high maintenance so know there will be touch ups needed regularly.
  3. Bright neon colors can be used as streaks, on the fringe, or as highlights.
  4. The popular colors for the streaks are ash blonde or brown shades. All Emo hairstyles are individual so try green, pink, or blue, too.