Emo Fashions Tips


The emo haircut, not all but alot of emo's have black hair, probaly because it matches most of their clothes. The emo guy hair style thats is most common, wearing your hair not too long but past the ears and have it pulled over an eye. I know there are alot more ways for guys to wear thier hair but i think that is the most popular choice of hair style at the time.


Girls, girls, girls.... we all know that there are so many ways that we can do our hair and its great sometime but not always. One popular choice is to wear your hair down and over one eye. If you have short hair I see alot of girls wear it with clips pulling it back in all cute styles. Another hott look is to be two toned with one color on top and another on the bottom, and just wearing it down. There are too many ways that everyone wear thier hair to go over but these are some of the common choices.

It’s hard to imagine when you are a child but it’s inevitable: in every generation there is going to be a generation gap and while you may not think that your parents got you when you were younger, you are only going to have the same problems with your children. One of the most popular trends today that many parents do not understand is the rise of emo culture. Emo is shortform for emotional and is a culture that is heavily influenced by punk, goth, and post-punk except much more sensitive. Emo is dominating the airwaves with such popular bands as Fall Out Boy, influencing the movies with such fare as Garden State, and the television with shows like The OC and One Tree Hill. The influence of emo culture has spread to the fashion world and emo fashion is making its influence felt on the runways of today.

In emo culture, feelings are placed at a premium and emo fashion can only be described as being extremely non-threatening. Much like emo’s attitude towards life, comfort is placed at a premium in emo fashion. Typically, tight jeans are a staple in emo fashion. However, you don’t want your pants to be too tight or then you’ll be entering the world of 80’s glam rock fashion